The new freedom of E-biking
Pure nature with the strength of the "silent reserve"

Away from public transport and car rides often made stressful by congestion and trying to find a parking place, the E-bike has become the fastest way to get from A to B in everyday use. This, however, is not enough to explain the continually rising sales figures that have reached about half a million E-bikes by now. With the "silent reserve" from the socket, a new generation is conquering the space away from the asphalt – creating a new feeling of freedom and confidence in the saddle.

For years, BULLS has been combining state-of-the-art drive technology and the know-how from professional sports and sustainable development work. This resulted in a form of athletic mobility that combines new perspectives with unusual ease. Powerfully and dynamic, but at the same time enduring and precise, the E-bike has developed into a piece of sport equipment that leaves the decision on degree of strain and terrain to the rider. With the new E-mountain bike by BULLS, lovers of nature and off-road fans no longer need to do without the ultimate riding experience. No matter whether full suspension or hardtail – anyone looking for off-road action will find it even easier now. Uphill without any problems and then full of energy and with perfect traction downhill on the next trail: E-biking at its best – powered by BULLS.

Motor, rechargeable battery and frame merge into a unit that increasingly dissolves the existing borders towards classical mountain bike. The E-Stream-Evo models, where the drive components are only visible at second glance, are pioneers here. As the integrated and yet easily and quickly removable rechargeable battery shows, they make no compromises in terms of function. Further highlights of the new E-bike range include the compact display, developed in cooperation with Brose, and the extra-strong CX-motor from the Bosch Performance Line that is only available for BULLS with an exclusive "underbody protection", once again emphasising: When the mountain calls, BULLS has just the answer to match.

By integration of further outstanding motors, BULLS offers not only the tried-and-tested Bosch and Brose drives, but also a gigantic bandwidth for any price range and purpose. The E-Core models convince with the new Shimano Steps E 8000's concentrated off-road power. Those who want to be less obtrusive can choose bikes with smoothly running Alber or SR Suntour rear-mounted motors.

With its three-sensor principle and 1,000 measurements per second, the Bosch drive ensures perfectly coordinated pedalling support. At the same time, the shifting process and torque are automatically synchronised, leading to lower wear in addition to precise gear shifts. The Bosch units lack nothing in terms of athletic power, as the new and powerful CX-motors from the Performance Line prove. Powder-coated and with additional protection by the exclusive BULLS skid plate, they ensure impressive dynamics even in extremely steep passages. The installation of mid-mounted motors optimised for the best centre of gravity creates additional ground clearance for off-road use.


With the compact and powerful Shimano Steps E 8000, another premium drive specifically created for use on board of E-mountain bike will be available in 2017. Keeping the cycling experience natural was one of the top-most priorities. Integration of the drive train into the frame design is a highlight in the BULLS models.

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Based on a steering motor produced millions of times in the car industry, Brose perfected a drive concept for high-quality E-bikes over the years. Nearly soundless and without vibrations, the gear motor produced completely in Germany entices with a strong torque and smooth running. Powerfully and harmoniously, it provides perfect pedalling support at all times. Integrated perfectly into the BULLS models with their more elaborate and uncompromising frame designs, the mid-mounted motor E-Stream Evo & Co. additionally optimises the centre of gravity.


Cost-efficient and yet powerful, the rear-mounted drive by SR Suntour opens the gates into the world of E-mountain biking. A torque of 50 Newton meters ensures proper pedalling support off-road. Thanks to the 500 Watt hours rechargeable battery, riders do not need to settle for a shorter range either.

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