Black, broad, with good grip – that is the new motto for the BULLS E-bikes with 27.5 inch wheels. All of these models will be delivered with the extra-wide 27.5 plus tyres in 2017 for better traction, higher riding comfort and even higher stability, to name just a few of the advantages that the off-road-capable BULLS E-bikes use to capacity.

In connection with the broader rim, the wheels with their semi-wide tires, which have been popular for a few years, ensure a larger support surface. This increases grip and riding control in particular on difficult ground. This effect is further increased by the reduced air pressure that is possible in the 27.5-plus tyres. The riding feel becomes even safer and more confident – also thanks to the outstanding overroll behaviour.

Extra-wide hubs – called the boost standard – combined with a flatter spoke screen increase stability and rigidity of the running wheels and permit better handling. The tyres with their generally larger volume also fit the "bully" look better and complete the appearance harmoniously. If you prefer using size 29 wheels in spite of the many benefits, you can do this at any time thanks to complete compatibility.

Better grip, smoother riding, improved agility. What do you need?

A glance at the common wheel sizes will tell you much about the bikes and their uses:


29 inch

In particular in the classical cross-country and marathon areas, the "size 29" has long become the standard. This is most of all because of the superior overroll behaviour thanks to the flatter impact angle on obstacles such as roots and stones. The large wheels also stand out with the highest speeds and smoother riding.

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27,5 inch

Between the large 29 and the classical 26 inch wheels, size 27.5 offers the optimal compromise between stability, agility and overroll behaviour, making them the preferred wheel size that is perfect for use in difficult terrain or the material-challenging downhill sector. They also offer matching proportions in smaller frame sizes.

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27,5 Plus

Looking for the extra dose of grip, you will find the 27.5 Plus tyres to be your ideal choice. The wide and aggressive 27.5+ tyres are perfectly trendy, offering not only extra traction and riding control but also particular comfort – without being less athletic.

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26 inch

If you think that the former MTB wheel standard is dying out, think again. In addition to the children's and youth area, they continue to play an important role in particular in the gravity area, in Slopestyle and Dirt Jump, thanks to their agility, dynamics and stability.

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