BULLS warranty of eurorad Deutschland GmbH

Generally, we grant a warranty of 24 months from the date of first sale for any products as applicable within the EU for all products. For more details, see our terms and conditions.

Your first contact for any warranty claims always is your BULLS specialist dealer who ordered the item for you. 

There is one limitation for E-bike batteries. Since rechargeable batteries are wear parts, the warranty period is only 6 months. However, BULLS offers an additional voluntary extension of this warranty for the battery to 24 months if the defect is due to material or processing errors. The voluntarily extended warranty does not include labour costs or transport costs for conversion. It is limited to replacement or repair of the defective part.
The warranty generally shall not apply to any accident damage, defects from wear and damage from vandalism.

BULLS warranty provisions of eurorad Deutschland GmbH

This warranty usually only applies to the initial purchaser of the respective bike and cannot be transferred.

The warranty generally excludes accident damage, defects from wear and vandalism damage.

If a warranty service is to be used, this results neither in extension nor in recommencement of the warranty duration.

Submission of the completed warranty declaration applied with the dealer stamp and the purchase voucher is vital. Immediate and positive completion of the warranty service is not possible without it.

The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse a warranty service if the required documents are not submitted together with the part subject to complaint.

A warranty claim always must be asserted towards an authorised BULLS specialist dealer (best the dealer that provided the item). You can also call our service hotline or send us an email.

Further notes

The guarantee/warranty comprises none of the following items:

In case of a warranty claim, BULLS shall have the option, at its own discretion, to repair or replace the defective parts. If a part of the same type, size or colour is no longer available, BULLS may provide a part that can be considered a successor part to complete the warranty claim. The warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective parts. No further claims can be asserted.

A guarantee time exceeding the statutory warranty shall only apply to the defective part. Any required working effort, packaging or postage expenses shall be at the expense of the purchaser.

The warranty also cannot be claimed if changes to the original construction are made, the bicycle is not used as intended or any other excessive stress has been exerted on it. There also shall be no claim in case of later damage resulting from previous falls or accidents.

There is no warranty claim for any damage caused by incompatible or unsuitable attachments.