The all-round talents on and off the asphalt

The Gravel Bike trend from North America is racing across the paved and unpaved streets in our area in a winning spree. Thanks to their special characteristics, however, these Endurance Bikes are the best choice not only for long sections on gravel – but also for fast, athletic and yet comfortable riding on the daily routes.

With its dedicated Grinder series, BULLS combines speed, comfort and suitability for everyday use. Former German champion Tim Böhme was the Team BULLS pro in charge of this development.

Combining sport and comfort

In addition to the Grinder 1 and 2, the Daily Grinder provides a commuter bike in which all the positive properties of the new Gravel class are made available on all daily rides thanks to its complete road equipment. The relaxed geometry of the BULLS Grinders was the key for this new combination of sport and comfort. The frame geometry produced by a slightly elongated wheel base, the raised head tube and the lowered bottom bracket permit a more upright sitting position that is ideal to keep an overview in daily traffic.

This is done without losing the aspect of a classical racing bike in the least. The tyres are a little wider without losing their rolling properties to increase grip, smooth and comfortable riding to add to the relaxed posture.

In wind and weather

The hydraulic disc brakes that permit perfectly dosed braking in any weather stand out in comparison to the racing bike as well. Mudguards protect the Daily Grinder's rider from dirt and wetness in everyday use and out in nature.

The athletic character of the Gravel Bikes is not lost, however – quite the opposite. The equipment makes it a perfect all-round talent that convinces with speed and athletic spirit not only on the daily way to work. The daily grinder with its slim saddle bag carrier is the perfect choice for spontaneous rounds after work or a bicycle excursion of several days alike. If you do not want to do without speed and comfort, but think your racing bike too delicate and challenging for everyday use, the BULLS Grinder models are the thing for you.

5 questions to Tim Böhme

The BULLS brand developed a GRAVEL BIKE concept together with BULLS TEAM rider and German MTB marathon champion Tim Böhme. Five questions to the bike pro, trainer and bicycle fitness expert on the gravel bike.

A gravel bike is the perfect "Endurance-Bike" for bicycle athletes. Its diverse options break through the borders of specific categories: We have built the ideal bike to leave the asphalt, onto the forest path, return to the bicycle track. It can be ridden easily on any ground, while still promising plenty of comfort and being aligned with longer rides as well.

The "Grinders" by BULLS combine sportiness, comfort and stability with style. The bikes are equipped with 40 mm wide tyres to ensure sufficient grip. The disc brakes offer safety, flex-attachments increase comfort and the bicycle design promises sportiness. The sitting position has been aligned for a more upright position than on a racing bike, while remaining athletic enough to pick up proper speed.

The gravel bike is a symbiosis of a comfort-oriented racing bike and a competition-capable cycle cross bike. The longer chain stays and wheel base add stability. The slightly lowered head tube and bottom bracket make steering more comfortable. The geometry remains athletic. We have combined the best of both worlds to design the perfect bike.

I think the gravel bike is the bike of the future. Mountain bikers and racing bike riders, as well as tour riders alike will enjoy these bikes and be comfortable on them. They are the perfect training machines, no matter if during a "morning ride" in town or a longer endurance unit across the countryside: The gravel bike works for anything. It is well able to compete with racing bikes, by the way, rolling just as well while being easier to steer.

The Daily Grinder is a bit like a cool version of the "Donauradweg Rad" bike. It masters longer tours and commuting to work all year round wonderfully with the same equipment. The main differences of the Grinder 1 & 2 models are mostly in their equipment, which is reflected in the price. All three of them have an identical geometry.

The BULLS Grinder models