Aminga EVA Series

Dynamic, safe and powerful - specially developed for women

Are you looking for an e-mountain bike that has been specially developed for the needs of female riders? With the models of our Aminga EVA series you will find what you are looking for! Whether it's a high-performance hardtail (optionally even as a low-mounted or trapezoidal frame) or a full-suspension all-mountain bike, the Aminga EVA combines sporty versatility with the most powerful Bosch drivetrains in its class. Thanks to frames and contact points specially adapted to the female anatomy, nothing stands in the way of enduring adventures off the road. Versatility, safety and riding fun redefined - with our Aminga EVA series.

  • Safe driving characteristics - whatever the terrain
  • Equipped with the most powerful Bosch drivetrains in their class
  • High-quality aluminium frame with sporty, safe riding characteristics - specially adapted to the female anatomy


Aminga EVA Models


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