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E-mountain biking with ABS for maximum riding safety

With the latest generation of Bosch drivetrains ABS and a particularly powerful braking system, the Copperhead EVO 2 ABS 29 offers maximum sporty off-road riding safety. Discreetly installed on the fork, the ABS provides modes specially adapted to the area of use, effectively preventing the front wheel from locking and slipping and the rear wheel from lifting off the ground. Combined with the powerful Tektro Volans brakes and 203 mm brake discs, this ensures maximum riding safety. Powerful support is provided by the Bosch Performance Line CX drivetrain with 85 Newton metres of torque and a maximum battery capacity of 750 watt hours. The system is controlled via the new Bosch Purion 200 unit, which combines a colour display and control unit in a compact and effective way. The Copperhead EVO 2 ABS is also equipped with the Shimano Cues gear system, which is characterised by a particularly long service life and a smooth, precise shifting experience.
  • Powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drivetrain with 85 Nm torque
  • Bosch drivetrains ABS for maximum safety on all routes
  • New Bosch drivetrains Purion 200 display control unit


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