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Revolutionary Pinion technology for the maximum e-bike experience

Equipped with the world's first Pinion geared motor, the Vuca EVO FSX 1 is an SUV that is unrivalled in the e-bike world. The combination of drive and 12-speed gearbox with additional belt drive ensures maximum riding fun with minimum wear and maintenance. Together with the newly developed mono-link swing arm rear suspension, the result is an exceptional riding experience in all areas. In addition to the powerful drive with 85 Newton metres of torque, a battery capacity of up to 960 watt hours and synchronised gear changes, the sporty everyday and touring e-bike offers further highlights. These include the seat post that can be lowered at the touch of a button, puncture-protected and extra-wide 62 mm Supero All Ground tyres and the 1.8 inch fork standard for additional rigidity in the front frame area and therefore maximum steering control and riding stability.
  • revolutionary Pinion geared motor with 12-speed gears
  • Full suspension with mono-link swing arm for optimum ride comfort
  • Almost wear-free and maintenance-free Gates belt drive


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