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Comfort is riding fun without a lot of maintenance work

With the Vuca EVO X1, sporty comfort doesn't stop after the tour or daily commute. Equipped with the revolutionary Pinion geared motor, the powerful SUV not only offers plenty of power combined with a completely new riding experience, but also minimises wear and maintenance. This is ensured by the engine and 12-speed gearbox unit in combination with the low-maintenance belt drive. In addition to the particularly durable drive and shifting system, the Vuca offers a complete package with a seat post that can be lowered at the touch of a button, extra-wide 62 mm tyres and a powerful lighting system with sensor and daytime running lights that simply creates pure riding fun without much maintenance. For maximum range, the Vuca EVO X1 has an UltraCore battery with a capacity of up to 960 watt hours.
  • Revolutionary, low-maintenance Pinion geared motor with 12-speed gears and 85 Nm torque
  • Powerful UltraCore battery with up to 960 watt hours capacity
  • Almost wear-free and maintenance-free Gates belt drive


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