From cross country to downhill 

Several decades have passed since the days of mountain bike pioneer Gary Fischer. In the course of the years, independent categories have developed, with special bikes for every use.

Overview of the different MTB categories:

Often sold under the abbreviations XC and XCM, these MTBs are the basis for athletic use – from evening off-road rounds to hard marathon stage races. An athletic sitting position, low weight and a spring deflection from 100 to 120 millimetres characterise the bikes of this category.

A true all-rounder, the All Mountain bike can be used for nearly any terrain and any purpose – from supple trail action to demanding alpine crossings. The tyres usually have a powerful profile for maximum grip. The spring deflection is in the range of up to 140 millimetres.

Enduros are designed for the hardest off-road use. Fully suspended, these bikes offer maximum off-road capacity and true taker qualities. The sitting position is balanced for best control and force transmission in the steepest passages and narrow trails. The spring deflection is at 140 to 160 millimetres.

To match their main use, Downhill bikes are specifically designed for steep downhill rides with maximum stress. The highest stability demands resulted in higher weight here. In addition to the larger-diameter brake discs, the dampening systems are also subject to extreme strains and have a spring deflection of up to 200 millimetres.