Energy and joy in performance fully integrated

Concealed in the frame, there beats the heart of a new E-bike generation. Fully integrated and yet removable in the blink of an eye, the exclusive high-performance battery, together with the Brose motor that runs just as powerfully and smoothly offers an unprecedented combination of riding dynamics and function.

From the All Mountain Fully, to the Trekking E-bike and the Speed Pedelec, the BULLS Evo models are conquering every "habitat" and impressing particularly off-road with the riding properties of a highly developed mountain bike.

Completely integrated into the down tube, the unit of rechargeable battery and drive provides the key for outstandingly unobtrusive E-biking. The excellent drive train offers a torque of up to 90 Newton metres and a battery output of 650 Watt hours, while providing not only the strength reserves required for the steepest climbs, but also offering unique agility and control of the bike, thanks to its elaborate frame integration. Single Trail or cycle track – the Evo models represent the highest willingness to perform and perfect balance based on concept and technology made in Germany.

In addition to the motor fully integrated into the frame design, one of the strongest rechargeable batteries currently on the market provides a perfect combination of performance and function. Removable in the blink of an eye, the battery pack developed based on state-of-the-art 50-cell technology can be comfortably charged away from the E-bikes, e.g. in your office, flat or hotel room.

The drive concept also permits use of two chain rings in front. The increased bandwidth for gear selection permits even more economic riding, in particular off-road, and strengthens the athletic character. The Evo models represent a new level of development, combining the best of drive technology and design into a pioneering E-bike experience.