Developed and tested by pros

Making a Winner's Bike

From the idea to serial maturity

A BULLS Bike often goes through a long process in development – with the target of best results for the respective area of use. The product developers at the Cologne headquarters also make use of the know-how of the pros of Team BULLS. 

One of the most successful athletes on the team, Stefan Sahm, switched to the developers' side, supporting the BULLS engineers with his many years of professional experience as a test rider and advisor. Let us explain product development at BULLS using the example of the newly developed competition "Fully" Wild Edge, with which Team BULLS achieved numerous victories in the most difficult mountain bike marathon races in the world.

Development of the requirements profile

In the beginning, there was the team's wish for a fully suspended carbon racing machine that was to meet some very specific requirements. The increasingly technical passages in many of the most important cross-country and marathon races required the new Wild Edge to bring along even more agility and manoeuvrability. At the same time, the pros required more steering stability and aerodynamics, as well as the most central sitting position possible. 

In cooperation with Karl Platt & Co., the BULLS engineers developed the corresponding frame and kinematics concept that took shape in a prototype. Its shorter chain stays and longer front triangle were to meet the requirements set by the team, but it wasn't certain if the concept developed in theory would be as convincing in practice. 

Testing the theory in practice​​​​​​​

The BULLS developers make use of the experience of triple Cape-Epic winner Stefan Sahm, who subjects the prototypes to a true trial by fire. Any problems in the geometry or kinematics are relentlessly exposed. "Every new development is a very special challenge," says Stefan Sahm. "We often find items to improve in the test rides, while we slowly build a BULLS bike developed under state-of-the-art conditions until it can finally enter production."

Sensible innovations and true professional know-how are used in the development of all BULLS bikes. This way, not only the riders of Team BULLS, but all BULLS owners profit from a perfect high-end model that permits further world cup victories and championship titles. The safety of a bike produced under the highest development and production standards is always on board.

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