The most important data for our Bosch motors

With its three-sensor principle and 1,000 measurements per second, the Bosch drive ensures perfectly coordinated pedalling support. At the same time, the shifting process and torque are automatically synchronised, leading to lower wear in addition to precise gear shifts. The Bosch units lack nothing in terms of athletic power, as the new and powerful CX-motors from the Performance Line prove. Powder-coated and with additional protection by the exclusive BULLS skid plate, they ensure impressive dynamics even in extremely steep passages. The installation of mid-mounted motors optimised for the best centre of gravity creates additional ground clearance for off-road use.

Rechargeable battery

Ideal for any form of athletic mobility, the Bosch rechargeable battery, available in two sizes, offers the perfect combination of power and ease. At only 2.6 kilograms, the 400-Watt hours battery ensures ranges of up to 100 kilometres and more, depending on riding habits and terrain. A shifting recommendation permits even more efficient use of the additional thrust. Apart from this, the integrated Battery Management System protects from overload and guarantees for a long lifetime of the rechargeable batteries.


Well-structured and user-friendly, the tour display supplies all the important riding information from speed to remaining range to the chosen support stage. In combination with the drive control at the handlebar, the lit LCD becomes an intuitively operated control centre on which external devices can be charged via USB-interface. The display can be removed to keep it from being stolen.

Nyon on-board computer (optional)

The water-tight Nyon on-board computer is an e-Bike-control, navigational unit and fitness trainer in one. It develops according to the rider‘s needs. With regular updates, optional additional functions and a customised user interface, the Nyon meets the user‘s personal wishes as precisely as possible.