Uncompromising frame design with optimal centre of gravity


Based on a steering motor that has been produced a million times for the car industry, Brose has perfected a drive concept for high-quality E-Bikes over the years. Nearly soundless and vibration-free, the gear motor produced entirely in Germany entices with strength and smooth operation. Powerfully and harmoniously, it supplies always-perfect pedalling support. An elaborate and uncompromising frame design integrates the middle motor perfectly into the BULLS models, giving E-Stream Evo & Co. an optimised centre of gravity to boot.

Rechargeable Battery

Perfect integration into the down tube, outstanding performance and an exclusive warranty* of 48 months make the rechargeable batteries a secret highlight in the concept of the new BULLS E-bikes with Brose drive. The battery seems to merge with the elaborate frame design in the E-Stream and E-Stream-Evo models. The rechargeable battery is one of the strongest currently on the market, at an output of 650 watt hours. In the Duro, the special hydroform fit design guarantees for optimal adjustment of the battery pack into the down tube. BULLS offers a guarantee extension to 24 months for the charger as well.


The immediate and comprehensive reaction BULLS shows to customer feedback is reflected in the latest compact display. Attached to the handlebars and taking up a minimum of space, it provides wellstructured information about all the important riding data and is at the same time the control unit for drive, pushing aid and light. The centre of the cockpit thus is free for navigation devices or smartphones that can be charged via the display.


* 48 months service life guaranteed by the manufacturer for all batteries as of model year 2017. For details, contact your BULLS specialist dealer.