Strength and ease on board of the E-Core

The compact and high-performance Shimano STEPS E 8000 will provide nother premium drive in 2017 that has been specifically created for use on board of E-mountain bike. A natural cycling feel took priority in this development. This feel was considered in integration into the frame design of the BULLS E-Core models as well, so that the motor is able to unfold its entire strength and ease unhindered. The unit is protected against outer influences by a special underbody protection called the skid plate.

Innovative rechargeable battery with exclusive protective cover integrated

Integration of the rechargeable battery is just as innovative as the new Shimano system. The 500 watt hours battery is inserted into the down tube from below and can be removed just as easily again to be charged externally. At the same time, this creates a continuous drive train, smart distribution of weight and a clean look typical for bicycles. Like the motor, the rechargeable battery is protected from rock impact and other dangers by an exclusive cover of aluminium.

Kinematics specifically aligned with the E8000 characteristics

The chain stays kinematics of the E-Core FS models have also been specifically adjusted to the E8000-system's characteristics. The anti-drive technology based on the "Horst Link" concept minimises the drive and pedalling influences, while the full ball bearing ensures sensitive tripping behaviour. Optimised transfer of the drive forces is ensured by the two-row main rocker suspension.

Technical informations

  • Motor power: 250 W
  • Torque: 70 Nm
  • up to 25 km/h
  • ~ 3 kg

All three support modes will assist until 25km/H.

  • BOOST - Full support for maximum boost and uncompromised climbing

  • TRAIL - Gradual support for encouraging sportive riding

  • ECO - Riding support while enabling maximum range

  • 504 Wh (36 V / 14,0 Ah)
  • 100% after 5 hours | 80% after 2,5 hours
  • Full charge cycles: 1.000 
  • As additional mode, walk assist can be easily enabled with the assist switch


Developed specifically for off-road use, the motor of the Shimano Steps E8000 system offers maximum performance at highest drive efficiency and the smallest dimensions. Thanks to its compact build, it fits harmoniously into the overall design of the BULLS E-Core Bikes and convinces with powerful pedalling support at up to 70 Newton meters from the first turn of the crank. An innovative ventilation concept ensures sufficient cooling. The perfect interaction with the mechanical and automatic Shimano gear shift permits optimised chain guidance and best force transmission. In addition to the chain rings with 34 and 38 teeth, BULLS offers an exclusive version with 44 teeth that is used in the Trekking-E-Bike E-Core Cross Street.

Shimano STEPS MTB Motor

Rechargeable battery

With 500 Watt hours, the rechargeable battery of the Shimano Steps E8000 drive offers the best prerequisites for long off-road tours. Integrated into the down tube from below and protected against rock fall with a special BULLS cover, the high-performance battery pack based on innovative cell technology offers long-term riding fun. The range is further increased by the delay-free motor control that offers maximum support during sudden climbs, while shutting down just as quickly in downhill sections and trails.

Shimano STEPS Akku


Cycling Computer SC-E8000

The E8000 drive is controlled by a combination of LCD and Firebolt
thumb satellite. Three riding modes and an additional pushing aid are
available. Installation of the compact display on the handlebar provides
additional space for navigation units and Smartphones. A Bluetooth
connection to the E-Tube platform permits individual adjustment of
system settings by mobile device or PC.

Shimano STEPS Display

FIREBOLT Switch SW-E8000

The new e-MTB control switch for intuitive operation has an ergonomic switch position especially developed for MTB. In the Power Walk mode, motor assist is available while pushing the bike.

Shimano STEPS Firebolt