BULLS WARRANTY OF ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft e.G.

We provide the warranty applicable within the EU of 24 months on all products from the date of first sale. 

The contact person for all warranty claims is always your BULLS dealer who provided the item.

Wear and tear caused by use of your bike do not constitute a defect. However, we are of course liable for defects in material or manufacturing, including wear parts, if these were already present at the time of purchase.

Damage caused by vandalism or accidents is generally excluded from a warranty.


Warranty conditions of BMZ BATTERIEN-MONTAGE-ZENTRUM GMBH, Am Sportplatz 28-30, 63791 Karlstein am Main for BATTERIES and CHARGING DEVICES in E-Bikes of ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft, Cologne and its group companies


1. Guarantee declaration

We grant the following warranty for the following products of our company:


We guarantee for a period of 48 months for BATTERIES from model year 2017 onwards (readable on the type plate of the battery) a residual capacity >60% of the nominal capacity of the respective specification of the cell used. Furthermore, we guarantee for a period of 24 months that the BATTERIES are free from processing defects.


We guarantee for a period of 24 months for all LOADING DEVICES from model year 2017 onwards that they are free of processing defects.

1.3 The date of purchase by the end customer is decisive in each case (presentation of the original invoice or other meaningful proof required).

2. Our warranty services are subject to the following conditions:


a. Storage temperature

The shelf life warranty is dependent on the proper handling of the BATTERY. Therefore, our obligations under this warranty will not apply if the storage temperature exceeds or falls below as follows: When storing the BATTERY, the battery must have a capacity of 20-50%. The BATTERIES must be completely discharged or charged once in an 18-month period. Furthermore, a humidity of 45-85% must be ensured.

b. Other

A claim to a warranty service shall not apply in the case of merely minor deviations from the nominal condition which are insignificant for the usability of our BATTERIES and CHARGING DEVICES. Furthermore, a claim for warranty is not applicable in case of damage to the BATTERY and CHARGER due to chemical or mechanical effects, such as the penetration of water or accidental damage. Furthermore, we do not assume any warranty in case of abnormal environmental conditions (e.g. temperatures above 50°C), improper operating conditions or contact with unsuitable substances.


We generally do not provide any warranty for our products in case of improper use. In addition, warranty claims are excluded:

  • The BATTERY or CHARGER has not been installed, used and/or used in accordance with the instructions for use supplied with the BATTERY or CHARGER.
  • The defect is verifiably due to third party influence.
  • The defect is based on fire, frost, force or damage due to improper use.
  • The defect is based on the installation of parts not approved in writing by BMZ.
  • The BATTERY is used for a purpose other than its originally intended use without written approval from BMZ.
  • A BATTERY or CHARGER has been opened without prior written approval from BMZ.
  • The firmware or other data in the memory of a BATTERY or CHARGER has been modified without prior written approval from BMZ.
  • A BATTERY or CHARGER has had its part number or markings removed, altered or falsified.
  • A BATTERY has not been charged with the associated charger approved by BMZ or another charger approved by BMZ.

3. Warranty claims must be asserted by the end customer to its contractual partners immediately after the occurrence of a defect.

4. The warranty service shall be provided at our discretion either by repair of the defective part or a new delivery. Replaced parts become our property.

5. Prior to providing a warranty service, we shall verify the existence of a warranty claim. This shall take a maximum of ten working days. A warranty service does not lead to an extension of the additional warranty period, nor does it set a new warranty period in motion. The warranty period for replacement parts ends with the warranty period for the original device.

6. Further or other claims, in particular for costs incurred during normal maintenance in accordance with the scheduled service intervals for our BATTERIES and CHARGING DEVICES, do not constitute warranty service. The same applies to towing, transportation, outside services, overtime surcharges, manufacturing costs, loan of special equipment and test equipment, and other damages incurred outside of the equipment, unless liability is mandatory by law.

7. We point out that the claims from the warranty service does not affect the warranty obligation of the vendor resulting from the purchase contract with the end customer.

BMZ 09/2016

The warranty conditions of BMZ Batterien-Montage-Zentrum GmbH can be downloaded here:

Download der Garantiebedingungen für die 48 Monate Garantie für BMZ Akkus

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